Booths' testimonial: "Great product and proactive service"


“An overall great product and proactive service when required”

A captivated Booths

Booths is a chain of high-end supermarkets in Northern England with over 31 branches in Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. With an aim to sell the best food and drink available, in attractive stores, staffed with first class assistance, Booths chose Sterizen® to help uphold these company values by providing a superior hygiene service with a professional finish. 

First captivated by the premium aesthetics and customisable graphics, Booths told us: “we were first interested in the sanitiser stations by the overall visual appeal and how we could customise, applying our branding. Being a high-quality supermarket who take pride in the overall customer experience and these units gave a great look in and around our stores”.  

Why Booths chose the X5

Ergonomically designed with premium aesthetics and touchless dispense, the X5 was a perfect fit for all of Booths’ needs.

“We opted for the Sterizen X5 as it offered both high and low access points to help encourage all our customers to sanitise and make this accessible for everyone’s needs. As the units are touchless with the automatic technology, this increased the safety aspect which we wanted our customers to feel when shopping in store. An overall great product and proactive service when required”.