Branded hand sanitising stations now available


Hand sanitising is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. So, your business needs a permanent, durable solution that also looks good.

Personalise your hand sanitiser station with a custom design

Use your Sterizen® hand sanitising station to make a statement, reassure customers or inject a bit of fun into hand hygiene, like our germ eating monster designs for schools. The X range, with its durable stainless-steel body and white acrylic front panel, provides the ideal canvas for your design.

Whether you need to encourage shoppers to sanitise their hands before entering a store or remind staff as they arrive for work, our stations can be placed anywhere. There’s no complicated setup and they run off a battery, so they can literally be placed anywhere hand hygiene is needed.

A branded Sterizen® hand sanitiser stand takes up less space than a table. It’s also more accessible than the wall-mounted or free-standing units currently available. This is due to its slim design, low-profile base and automatic dispensing points that can be accessed from either side.

Branding is a full sensory experience incorporating vision, touch and smell. Most hand gels have a distinctive smell, and it’s not always pleasant. You can complete your brand experience with scented hand gel refills made under the buggOUT brand.

These refills are mess free and designed specifically to fit Sterizen® sanitising stations. Available in four scents and with added moisturisers, they are non-sticky and certified to kill 99.999% of all bacteria.

It’s easy to customise your hand sanitising stand. Simply get in touch with your design and we’ll do the rest. Visit our shop for more BuggOUT products or shop hand sanitising stations.