Ditch the hand gel pump, it’s doing nothing for your brand

In March 2020 it was impossible to imagine that almost a year later lockdowns, masks and social distancing would still be a thing.

So, brand managers and visual merchandisers can be forgiven for not paying more attention to how hand hygiene services were being delivered to customers. After-all that’s the job of facilities or store managers, right?

We at Sterizen® say no. When it comes to brand and customer experience, that’s your bag. Hand sanitising stations are here to stay for 2021 and beyond so it’s not too late to create a positive experience around hand hygiene.

What does your hand hygiene solution say about your brand?

Almost every place of business has a hand gel dispenser at its entrance. But how many create a positive experience for customers?

Hand gel pumps

This is the easiest solution to install but has many drawbacks. The bottles get sticky, must be handled, and run out quickly. Let’s face it, they don’t look great either and must be put on something – usually a table, which takes up valuable space.


A wall-mounted dispenser makes sense on the face of it. But in reality, they need installing, are difficult to access in high-footfall areas, and normally have a low capacity meaning they run out frequently.


These come in a variety of styles including foot and hand operated. We’ve seen plenty of good and bad examples of these ranging from the wobbly foot-operated, to the home-made.

The majority of solutions currently on the market fail to do anything for your brand image. Most are temporary, quick fixes, unattractive, sometimes messy. They don’t show care or communicate a positive, brand-led customer message.

Create a positive customer experience with a branded hand gel dispenser

At Sterizen® we knew there had to be a better solution for both marketers and customers. So, we set about designing an automatic and ergonomic hand sanitising station with premium quality aesthetics.

We didn’t stop there. Hand hygiene stations are seen every day by visitors and customers. This is a missed opportunity to reinforce your brand message.

A Sterizen® hand hygiene station can be customised with your own brand. With its sleek design and white acrylic front panel, it provides the ideal canvas for your message. You could print it with your logo or use custom design graphics like our monster range for schools.

Not only is our solution more aesthetically-pleasing, it also comes with features that make it safer and easier for customers to use. We noticed that hand gel dispensers were made with access from one side only, so we designed a stand that can be accessed from all sides.

Hand gel dispensers are also restricted by height. The Sterizen® X5 is currently the only solution on the market with dual height. This means it’s accessible for adults, children and wheelchair users.

We also wanted our design to take up as little space as possible, so it’s slim with a low-profile base. It is also battery operated and dispenses 10,000 times per charge, meaning you don’t need to check it as often.

Importantly, Sterizen® hand gel stations are automatic. Using infra-red, they automatically dispense the right amount of hand sanitiser per person. This means less mess and a more hygienic solution.

As you know, branding is a full sensory experience incorporating vision, touch and smell. Your customers may not tell you if they don’t like the smell of your hand sanitiser, but they will tell their friends.

We recommend using BuggOUT scented hand sanitiser in your dispenser. These refills are mess free and designed specifically to fit Sterizen® sanitising stations. Available in four scents and with added moisturisers, they are non-sticky and certified to kill 99.999% of all bacteria.

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