Euston and Sterizen® on Track Together


Sterizen is proud to announce that Euston Station will host a multitude of our latest X5 touch-free hand sanitising stations. 

Concerns Around Travel 

As the end of the pandemic approaches, words like ‘travel’ have been marked with a seemingly unfading anxiety. These concerns undoubtedly come from our fear regarding health and hygiene while we travel. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) providing a variety of risk assessments for the individual to consider before they travel, we find ourselves concerned with the mode of transport, the reasons for travelling, and of course, the ever-echoing concern: are there facilities available that provide suitable sanitising opportunities to maintain healthy hand hygiene to keep you safe on your journey?

Travel is back on track 

Serving as a travel hub to popular destinations, Euston station provides links between London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Being a hub for so many popular locations, Euston states their responsibility is to stay aware, equipped, and prepared to deal with the inevitable increase in the volume of travellers, now the pandemic begins to drift into history.

In this response, Euston placed its trust in Sterizen®. We were able to fulfil their order by providing a multitude of fully customised X5 hand sanitising stations, presenting the Euston station brand on each unit, Euston were proud to be able to provide a hand sanitising dispenser that delivers a perfect performance with every use. 

Being one of the busiest stations in Britain and serving over 71 million people each year, the importance of both hand hygiene and the sustainability of the product were key questions asked of the X5. Thankfully, with the versatility that the X5 provides, travel can once again be placed “back on track”.

Euston’s choice

The X5 is an automatic sensor-operated hand sanitising station with dual dispense points - ergonomically designed for adults, children and wheelchair users. Euston found that the X5 hand sanitising station was more than up to the task, despite the increasing number of travellers, providing only the best hand hygiene to all travelling parties. In short: customisable with any brand owned logo - The X5 has the versatility and sleek design to suit any environment. 

To learn more about Euston’s choice, the X5 touch-free hand sanitising station click here