John Dewey Specialist College Testimonial: "Reliable, easy to maintain and generally brilliant"

“Reliable, easy to maintain and generally brilliant”

The dependable Z1 

John Dewey Specialist College is a specialist day college and day provision for young people who have severe, complex and profound learning difficulties. “Providing a place of comfort and health is vital to support an environment that encourages education”, says Kim Ashley, Manager and head of operations at John Dewey Specialist College, “and so it corresponds that our staff and pupils have access to the appropriate hygiene facilities whenever they need”.  

First impressed with the contactless operation of both water and soap, John Dewey Specialist College found the Z1 suited their educational and healthcare environment much more than they initially thought. “I think everyone has doubts when something new enters your working space because you’ve become so used to your pre-existing environment. However, the Z1 made our lives much easier with quick and reliable access to cleaning facilities, which is of course paramount in the education and healthcare environment". 

Using a multitude of portable Z1 units, Kim further states, “the Z1 washing station provided exactly what we needed. The portability and ease of maintenance was crucial to us and we have experienced no problems to date. I would say the manoeuvrability and ease of maintenance was a huge bonus for all the staff here, but to my personal surprise, the small details like water temperature, aesthetics, and quality of build, is what really made the Z1 a complete package”


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