New workplace hygiene products now available

New Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields and WHO formulation Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitisers now available via our online store.

Stop the spread of infection with Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields

Sterizen® Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields with active silver ions protect customers and staff from the transmission of germs via touchscreens.

More frequent cleaning of touchscreens helps prevent the transmission of potentially harmful bacteria. But what about between cleans? For most businesses, it’s not feasible to clean all touchscreens after every individual has used them.

Antimicrobial technologies work by continually reducing or destroying microbes such as bacteria or mould left on surfaces. Sterizen® Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields contain silver ions, which are activated by cleaning and humidity.

When the ions come into contact with bacteria, they damage its structure leading to its destruction. Shields can remain active for up to five years and users are protected 24/7. Antimicrobial shields also prevent biofilms from forming, which can be difficult to remove effectively without professional cleaning.

Shields can be applied to all types of touchscreen and have a wide-ranging application including supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, public transport, and vending/coffee machines. They’re also suitable for areas subject to health constraints such as clean rooms, white rooms, and cold stores.

Our shields are easy to apply, clean, and resistant to most chemical agents, including Sterizen® Sanitising Solution Spray. We can manufacture any size of shield on request. Visit our product page for standard sizes.

WHO formulation Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitiser

In addition to Sterizen® Alcohol Hand Spray Sanitiser, we now also stock hand gel in three convenient sizes:

  • 50ml pack of 48
  • 100ml pack of 24
  • 150ml pack of 12

Our hand gels kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses, are made from an 80% alcohol formulation, with added moisturises to protect the skin. Both the bottle and cap are made from widely recycled plastic.

For more information on both touchscreen shields and hand gels visit our store or get in touch.