Sterizen® makes a huge impression at Facilities Show 2022

Sterizen®’s X-series dispenser was the breakout star of the 2022 Facilities Show at InterContinental hotel, O2 London. The event, which saw facilities management & estates specialists from all sectors of the business world, helped solidify Sterizen®’s universal applicability to the modern workplace. 

Visitors were particularly impressed with the product’s custom brand-ability; a unique feature in a crowded, competitive market. But that wasn’t all.

The old ways aren’t working any more

It is now clear that the temporary sanitising stations purchased during the pandemic have done their job and are now mostly broken, lost, blocked up or in the process of falling apart. To make matters worse, cheap sanitisers are high maintenance, meaning managers aren’t getting a decent return on their investments. 

The X-series’ auto-cleaning dispenser nozzle and non-congealing sanitising gel turned heads aplenty. We know that over time, hand sanitiser stations tend to develop congealment problems around the nozzle and on the floor or drip tray. Sterizen®’s careful design and development has finally provided companies with a low-maintenance, reliable fix. 

Speaking of low maintenance, the series’ large, two-litre gel capacity provides up to 2500 “shots” – postponing refills.

Premium solutions are here to stay

Companies are now budgeting for long-term professional solutions to ensure their staff and customers are protected while still maintaining a suitable brand presence.

And these companies don’t just appreciate versatility in branding, but function. The options of rechargeable or mains-powered helps Sterizen® products find their home in any modern office environment. 

Sustainability is more important than ever

And what is an innovative 21st century business trailblazer without environmental credentials? Sterizen® products come courtesy of a 100% UK-based manufacturing at a solar-powered production plant. This nearshores the supply chain and minimises the use of plastics, making Sterizen® the greenest sanitising solution on the market.