Sterizen®'s popular product: the Z1 shines at the IPC conference



The Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) conference celebrated the healthcare's quick response to the pandemic and championed the multiple calls to action that were put in place to help combat the spread of coronavirus.

The future of hand hygiene in the NHS

Thinking for the future, Jon Otter, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, took to the stage to highlight what the healthcare industry has learnt from COVID-19 and outlined the NHS next aims for the future: 

  • Cross-transmission in the ICU
  • Probable role of inappropriate and over-use of PPE
  • Water hygiene management
  • Trends in BSls, C. difficile, and CPE. 

(Click here to access Jon Otter’s lectures)

It is now more evident than ever that hand hygiene is paramount in reducing the spread of infections and bacteria. Passionate about healthcare and focused on promoting hand hygiene solutions, Sterizen®’s Z1 handwashing station, designed specifically for the healthcare industry, found popularity amongst healthcare staff. 

With a particular interest in the portable capabilities and smart tech features, the Z1 hand washing station was a stand out star, offering a unique versatility with both plumbed-in and portable options available. Installed with a real time GPS location tracker, compatible with “smart” hospitals, the Z1 offers a sustainable solution for the future with 100 % contactless soap and water operation that provides a flawless process to achieve perfect hand hygiene and aid against the spread of infection. 

Talking with the experts: questions and answers

In discussion with leading experts in IPC from the NHS, as well as estates and facilities management and compliance management who took part in the demonstration at the Sterizen® stand, it was clear that sustainability and  manufacturing, and water hygiene were the main questions asked of Sterizen® ’s Z1. 

Conscious about water safety, the healthcare staff asked questions about how the stored water is kept clean and safe. In general, stored water in a healthcare environment is both impractical and potentially harmful. As water lies dormant there is a protentional for waterborne microorganisms to harbour. Fortunately, with our heritage being none other than Borg and Overström, here at Sterizen® we pride ourselves on our water safety. As such, the Z1 is fitted with a UV purification system, a safe non-chemical method of filtering water as it is dispensed, killing 99.99% of waterborne microorganisms. 

Sustainability was a key talking point amongst facilities and compliance management and we were pleased to inform everyone that all Sterizen® products come courtesy of a 100% UK-based manufacturing at a solar powered production plant. In fact, our in-house manufacturing enables us to see the full picture behind the manufacturing, from start to finish. This also allows for quick and reliable feedback and troubleshooting, a huge factor that pleased the enquiring management teams. Moreover, our sustainability programme delivers 100% recyclable packaging, our products being shipped in sustainably sourced cardboard boxes that customers can easily recycle.  

You can learn more about our sustainability programme here.

You can learn more about our in-house manufacturing here.