Sterizen® success overseas: why Rogers chose Sterizen


Here at Sterizen® we are thrilled to announce that the leading media and technology company in Canada, Rogers, chose us! This is their story.

How did Rogers contact us?

Found on our online Linkedin page, Sterizen® were thrilled to learn that Rogers were interested in a reliable and customer friendly hand sanitising station that had a stylistic appeal with elegant looks. In an interview with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Northern Speciality Supplies, Wes Caparni stated that “it was important to Rogers that the product appealed to their consumer”, later sharing that the “design and look” of the Sterizen® X4 perfectly fitted the expectations Rogers had hoped for.

Initially intrigued, and by using our online store, Rogers were quick to book a discovery call. Head of Global Business Development at Sterizen®, Gary Tunley, talked about the importance of our business culture that has become integrated within the Sterizen brand. "Speed and finesse were essential in this project'', understanding the time constraints and the requirements that Rogers needed. Gary continued, "Our success was predicated upon quick and reliable customer service, and so within 24 hours, we had sent a proposal including specific in use imagery, to provide a full picture of how the product would look in-store".

Impressed by this, Rogers communicated their every need and concern, with the ability to customise being high on their list.  

Customisation and bilingual branding

As a leading company in Canada, one of Rogers’ main concerns was whether or not our hand sanitisers could be customised. As Canada is home to a bilingual diverse culture, it was a key priority for Rogers’ that the product was completely user friendly and, therefore, offered a selection of customisations in regard to translations. Sterizen® were quick to confirm that each product could be fully customisable, placing Rogers’ brand, as well as any translated information, accordingly. In fact, we went the extra mile, further customising all user manuals to accompany each product, ensuring that the translation and brand changes made would still enable an easy set-up.

Manufacturing in bulk: 600 strong

With an order size totalling 622 units, Sterizen® is pleased to celebrate the success behind the manufacturing feat achieved in producing a substantial bulk order with precise haste.

As an in-house manufacturing company, something that distinguishes us from other companies, we were excited to show off our British manufacturing capabilities. Fulfilling all the required customisation, Rogers allowed Sterizen® to demonstrate a clear understanding and capability to complete bulk orders with a perfect finish.   

Leaving us packaged and on pallets, each station was sent via a multi-delivery point method, easing the strain of delivery and the collection process for Rogers.

Above and beyond customer support

So what was the final reason that made Rogers choose us? 

According to Wes Caparni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Northern Speciality Supplies, our speed, quality, and after sale support, sealed the deal. 

Here at Sterizen®, we provide full after sale support. This translates into two main factors: 

  • A complete troubleshooting service

Our troubleshooting service is available to ensure the product is working at all times. This means, with a quick call, we put you in contact with a specialist who can determine any faults or errors that could occur. These errors are often very easy to fix and our troubleshooting expert will be able to talk you through any fix. 

  • In stock back-up insurance

Our in stock back-up is as simple and as perfect as it sounds. We hold an extra  host of ordered stations, specific to your company, that are ready to be delivered should a replacement be needed. We deliver these in a ‘flightcase package’ that enables the station to be ready to use on arrival for a quick and easy replacement. A final insurance to keep a company’s mind at ease.