Three reasons to go back to school with Sterizen®


Back to School

School may be out for pupils, but the hard work is far from over for teachers. With all year groups due to return in September, teachers are still working hard to ensure their schools are ready.

It’s not enough for surfaces to just be ‘clean’

Over the summer, teachers will not only have to write lesson plans but also rearrange indoor and outdoor spaces to maintain social distancing, and update cleaning procedures.

Cleaning must now be an ongoing, visible process focused on daily touchpoints to maintain a consistently higher level of ‘clean’. This also extends beyond the classroom to include transport to and from school that so many children rely on.

How Sterizen® can support your school

We design solutions that go beyond cleaning chemicals. Sterizen® can support schools in three main ways:

  1. 1. Transport hygiene
  2. 2. Touchless handwash stations
  3. 3. Antimicrobial touchscreen shields

Transport hygiene for pupils and drivers

The UK Government advises that pupils using public transport should be kept to a minimum, particularly during peak times. On dedicated transport, schools should align the approach adopted in-school with Government guidelines, as far as possible.

In both instances the Government advises using hand sanitiser either when getting on or off transport. We can provide your school with 80% alcohol, WHO formulation hand gel sanitiser. Our hand gels kill 99.9% of all bacteria and contain added moisturisers to protect the skin.

We also stock sanitising kits for professional drivers. This includes Sterizen® Virus Killer Spray to clean frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails, and steering wheels. It’s certified to several global standards and is proven effective against common viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.

Touchless handwash stations with antimicrobial protection

Our pop-up handwash stations complement modern building design and are ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. They are fully automated and built with antimicrobial technology.

Handwash stations can be the perfect breeding place for common, known bacteria and viruses that make people sick. Biofilms form quickly on surfaces that are continually wet, humid, and with a food source for bacteria.

Sterizen® handwash stations are built with panelling that has a special coating to inhibit the growth of microbes between cleans. Our digital display also guides pupils through the correct way to wash their hands.

Stop the spread of infection with Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields

More frequent cleaning of touchscreens such as iPads and watercoolers, helps prevent the transmission of potentially harmful bacteria. But what about between cleans? Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields contain silver ions, which are activated by cleaning and humidity.

Shields can remain active for up to five years and protect users 24/7. Our shields are easy to apply, clean, and resistant to most chemical agents, including Sterizen® Virus Killer Spray. We can manufacture any size of shield on request.

For more information about our products or how we can support your school in the Autumn contact our sales team.