Benefits of visiting the conference and exhibition: why you should visit the IPC conference and exhibition

This year, the NHS Infection Prevention and Control conference will take place over two days, 26 & 27 April 2022, National Conference Centre, Birmingham.  

What will be at the Infection Prevention and Control conference?

Like never before, the COVID-19 pandemic asked the question of how well the healthcare industry can utilise the current facilities available to help prevent and control the spread of infection. As such, the NHS Infection Prevention and Control conference (IPC) will explore the important lessons brought to light during the pandemic while raising awareness of how critical hygiene and risk assessments are today. Discussing the issues of antimicrobial resistance and Gram-negative bloodstream infections, the IPC will host a variety of speakers who hope to combat a variety of topics including outbreak management, improving hand hygiene (and auditing procedures), and decontamination/cleaning protocols.

Aimed at all healthcare professionals, delegates can choose to attend either or both days as the speakers will discuss the theme of infection prevention, review current control standards, and celebrate the best practice for the future. 

The IPC will also host a complete exhibition featuring the leading edge of science and technology, “showcasing the latest innovation and technology available globally”. This allows for plenty of opportunities to learn about the scientific advances in software, equipment and devices that are available today. The exhibition allows every attendee to connect (and reconnect) with colleagues, network with healthcare professionals, and speak with businesses that are focused on making positive change within the healthcare industry.  

Benefiting the future of healthcare

Passionate about healthcare and focused on promoting ultra-hygienic hand hygiene solutions, Sterizen® will be exhibiting at the IPC to celebrate our brand new innovations, all designed to take a significant step towards infection prevention and fulfilling our vision for a healthier future.

Committed to supporting the healthcare industry, Sterizen® are pleased to be exhibiting the all new Z1 hand washing station. Designed specifically with providing the best hand hygiene, the Z1 prioritises reducing infection rates effectively while remaining pragmatic and sustainable for use within the healthcare environment. Amongst other features, the Z1 includes a new energy-saving instant water heater, a SensorWash™ water saving tap, and optional casters that allow for easy portability. And standing alongside the Z1, will be the X4 and X5 hand sanitising models. Ergonomically designed for adults, children, and wheelchair users,  both the X4 and X5 stations demonstrate the Sterizen philosophy: high impact, low maintenance.   

Further Information

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