How do automatic hand sanitiser dispensers work?

Laser ToF sensor in action

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers use sensors. These sensors know when you’ve placed your hands into the dispensing area and when to dispense the hand gel.

Built into every Sterizen® automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is a new generation sensor. The sensor uses Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to detect when you reach your hands into the dispense area. It’s a less sophisticated application of the technology used in self-driving cars.

How traditional infrared sensors work

We could have used traditional infrared sensors in our hand gel dispensers. But if you’ve ever been frustrated by a hand dryer that won’t stay on, you know how finicky this device can be.

Traditional infrared sensors have an LED and a receiver. When you place your hands under the dispenser, the infrared light from the LED reflects off your hands and is detected by the receiver. Because this device relies on infrared, it can be ‘confused’ by unpredictable factors such as low or bright light.

The benefits of Time of Flight (ToF) sensors

We desired a more predictable and accurate sensor technology. ToF sensors measure distance by using the time that it takes for photons to travel from the emitter to a target and then back to the receiver.

It knows when you’ve placed your hands into the dispense area by how long it takes for the photons to return to the receiver. Crucially, it also knows when you’ve taken your hands out again. So, if you walk away before it has dispensed the correct amount of hand sanitiser, it will stop dispensing.

ToF is less affected by environmental conditions than infrared. It’s also faster, more reliable, and millimetre accurate. When calibrated correctly, ToF sensorss are more energy efficient which makes them ideal for battery-powered dispensers.

Keeping people safe whilst enhancing your brand

Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are among the most ergonomic and best looking on the market.

They take up less space than a table and are more accessible than wall-mounted or other free-standing dispensers. This is due to its slim design, low-profile base and dual height dispensing points accessible on either side by adults, wheelchair users and children.

Both the Sterizen® X4 and X5 are customisable with your own branding. The X range with automated dispense, sleek design and customisable panel, provides the ideal canvas for your brand message.

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