Monster handwashing stations for schools

Meet our germ-busting monsters

Monsters could be roaming the corridors of your school this winter. Their mission? To help children develop good hygiene habits for life.

Meet our germ-busting monsters

Handwashing is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ordinary. Introduce a bit of colour and fun with our new range of BuggOut handwash stations for schools.

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Our monsters care about good hand hygiene and mess. BuggOut handwash stations are fully automated with touch-free soap, wash, and dry. Paper towel dispenser and waste bin are also built in.

Their reduced height makes it easier for children to wash their hands thoroughly. And you can’t miss them. We’ve designed them with bold, eye-catching colours to remind children to wash their hands.

Thankfully our monsters can’t move around by themselves. But should you need to move your handwash station, the concealed fitted wheels make relocation easy.

Our monsters are plumbed into the mains water and come complete with mains waste kit. Choose from ambient or warm dispense options.

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