New: Premium, automatic hand sanitising station

As a premium fashion outlet, hotel or business, an unattractive bottle of hand gel or metal foot operated stand simply doesn’t go with the décor. That’s why we’ve designed a premium, automatic hand sanitising station.

Banish your ugly hand gel station to the store cupboard

The Sterizen® X4 and X5 are available in black, grey or white and are designed to blend in with your existing branding or interior design. However, should you wish to make a statement, you can also customise your hand sanitiser dispenser with your own branding.

With its slim, stylish and hygienic design, these stations give your visitors confidence and reassurance. The X5 is also the only hand sanitising station on the market ergonomically designed for easy use by adults, children and wheelchair users.

But it’s not just its attractive design that makes both the X4 and X5 attractive to venues such as high-end public venues. Our hand sanitising stations will take any make of hand sanitiser so you’re not tied in to any one supplier. However, we can supply you with Sterizen® alcohol hand gel sanitiser to use in your dispenser.

Perhaps the most important feature of our new hand gel stations is that they’re automatic. Unlike lower-end models on the market, they contain a battery-operated laser sensor that automatically dispenses the correct dosage of hand sanitiser.

The front panels are also made with a special antimicrobial coating, which utilises silver-ion technology as a natural antibacterial. They are easy to clean and completely UV stable.

A high impact design with low maintenance and no installation required. We’re currently taking orders for both the X4 and X5.

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