Touch free wireless hand dispensers for retail

Research shows that UK shoppers are frustrated by online shopping and are eager to return to physical stores. Give them the confidence to visit with strategically placed touch free hand gel dispensers.

Give customers the confidence to shop

When it comes to shopping, 74% of UK consumers miss the physical in store experience. In addition, 30% want to touch and try items on instore.

This is good news for retailers. But remember, consumers will be looking for shops where they feel safe and have an enjoyable shopping experience.

“Customers will feel safe shopping with retailers that put hygiene and safety at the top of their priorities,” said Modern Retail. “This can range from queuing systems to social distancing markers, contactless payments and hand sanitiser stations.”

Modern Retail recommends making hand sanitiser available throughout a store. This will reassure customers and staff that their safety is your priority. It will also provide visual reminders to customers to observe good hand hygiene at key points.

The benefits of Sterizen® hand gel dispensers for retail

  • Versatile and portable
  • Customisable with own branding
  • Automatic, touch free
  • Low maintenance and mess free

Versatile and portable

Sterizen® hand gel stations can be placed anywhere hand hygiene is needed such as entrances, dressing rooms, staff areas, and stock rooms. Being battery operated you’re not restricted by plug socket access.

Our appliances take up less space than a table and are more accessible than wall-mounted or other free-standing dispensers. This is due to its slim design, low-profile base and dual height dispensing points that can be accessed on either side by adults, wheelchair users and children.

Customise with own branding

Both the Sterizen® X4 and X5 can be customised with your own branding. The X range with its sleek design and white acrylic front panel, provides the ideal canvas for your brand message.

You can also integrate your hand sanitising stations into your store signage. To improve the customer experience and make customers feel safe Modern Retail recommends creating clear signage to make the in store experience as straightforward as possible.

Hand sanitising stations provide valuable signage real-estate and can be used to direct customers around one-way systems and reinforce hygiene messaging. Alternatively, simply brighten your customers’ day with eye-catching graphics.

Automatic, touch free

Importantly, Sterizen® hand gel stations are automatic. They use infra-red to automatically dispense the right amount of hand sanitiser per person.

Low maintenance and mess free

These stations dispense 10,000 times per charge, meaning you won’t need to check them so often. For a mess-free experience we recommend using BuggOUT scented hand sanitiser refills in your dispenser. 

BuggOUT hand sanitiser refills are designed to specifically fit Sterizen® stations, are mess free and easy to fit. Available in four scents and with added moisturisers, BuggOUT hand sanitiser is non-sticky and certified to kill 99.999% of all bacteria.

Be an experience-led retailer

Did you know that 60% of consumers have abandoned a brand for good because of a poor in-location experience? On the flip side, 90% of consumers say they are more likely to return.

Hand hygiene may be a small part of the in store experience but it’s currently an important one. Make it easy for customers to access hand hygiene facilities throughout your store and make it a good customer experience using them.

For more information about Sterizen® hand sanitising stations get in touch.