Why access to hand hygiene solutions matter

As we begin to spend more and more time outdoors, back at work, in the office, and even at the occasional local restaurant (just as a treat), it is becoming clear that hand hygiene is starting to lose the vigorous traction that it's importance held during the first wave of COVID-19. I will be the first to say (so you don’t have to), there have been times when I have forgotten to properly wash or sanitise my hands at the correct times, upon entering a store, for example, or after getting home after a long day at work. But, hand hygiene has never been more important than after the pandemic and while a few retail chains have decided to downplay the importance of providing available sanitising facilities, many more prestigious and innovative chains have expressed their desire to provide the best care for all their customers - and we agree! 

Designed to protect everyone

One thing that appeared to rise from the ashes of the first COVID-19 wave was the sheer volume of sanitising products that flew onto the market. Unfortunately, not all these products were impressive, but more worryingly, not all of these products were accessible to everyone. 

Handwashing and hand sanitising are the most efficient methods of killing harmful bacteria, with mountains of research demonstrating the effectiveness good hand hygiene has at eliminating the spread of dangerous pathogens, we have all learnt the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene in the fight against infection. But how many corporations or companies have sanitising facilities for wheelchair users? Have you seen a hygiene solution custom designed for wheelchair users?      

At Sterizen® we believe in community and inclusivity. Our X5 is ergonomically designed with dual height dispensers to provide premium protection for each and every user. Maintaining good hand hygiene is vital in staying healthy and protecting our loved ones, and so for us, it naturally follows that everyone should have access to a premium hygiene solution.

The mindset: protection for all your customers 

Here at Sterizen, our mindset is simple: to provide access to handwashing or hand sanitising facilities that actively combat the spread of infection where people meet to work, socialise or improve their health. We believe our ultra-hygienic designs and customer stories demonstrate our mindset. But what is yours? 

Finding unity in the want to protect customers, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious names on the market today, providing sanitising solutions that are specifically designed to be accessible to all customers. The X5 features an automatic infrared hands-free dispenser, automatic cleaning, and premium aesthetics. It can be placed to suit any environment and is simple to set up. And these are just some of the key features that have attracted customers and set the X5 apart from your everyday, lacklustre, designs. 

Of course, we know you care, and one of the many features that companies have found appealing is the ability to visually illustrate your care, with your brand. With customisable branding, you can demonstrate the mindset that shows your customers you care. A mind-set that says we understand the importance of providing essential services and we want to protect our clients and staff.

To find out more information about the X5 and our other hygiene solutions, visit our hand sanitising units.

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