What are the dimensions of the Sterizen X-series dispensers?

Both the X4 and X5 units are H-1380mm x W-360mm x D-350mm. The upper dispenser is 1100mm from the base and the lower dispenser is 700mm from the base.

How heavy are the Sterizen X-series dispensers?

The X4 is 20kg and the X5 is 26.6kg.

What is the maximum safety tilt-angle of the X-series hand sanitiser?

The Sterizen® X-series hand sanitiser can reach an angle of 33 degrees before becoming unstable. However, the optional upgrade of the heavier base will provide a safety tilt-angle of 45 degrees.

Are the Sterizen X-series dispensers suitable for disabled users?

The X5 is specifically for use by disabled users with the lower dispense area being only 700mm off the ground.

Are the Sterizen X-series dispensers suitable for children?

The X5 is specifically for use by children, the lower dispense being only 700mm from the ground.

How many litres of gel can the Sterizen dispenser hold?

The X-series dispensers can hold 2-litres of gel.

How many dispenses will I get per 2-litre refill?

2500 dispenses.

How are Sterizen dispensers powered?

The X-series dispensers are powered via three options: a mains adapter, 6 x C-type batteries, or the upgraded long-life rechargeable battery. 

How long will the batteries last in the Sterizen X-series dispenser?

In a busy environment, regular C-type batteries can last up to 8 weeks while the upgraded long-life rechargeable battery will last 12 weeks. In a calmer environment, with regular use, the regular batteries have been known to last up to 3 months. 

What maintenance is required on the Sterizen X-series dispensers?

The dispenser should be kept clean with non corrosive stainless steel cleaners - the drip tray should be emptied regularly to avoid overspill. If powered by battery, the batteries will require replacing/recharging after the aforementioned time. The dispense nozzle may require cleaning from time to time to avoid congealment. If the unit becomes blocked we recommend flushing hot water through the dispenser, however, if Sterizen® 's non-clogging sanitiser is being used the requirement to regularly clean will be reduced.

How do I prime the dispensing pump to get the gel flowing?

Place your hand in the dispensing area to activate the pump. Do this approximately 10 times and the gel should start to come through.

Can I use any hand sanitising gel in the Sterizen X-series dispensers?

Most sanitiser gels will work with Sterizen® ‘s hand sanitiser dispensers, however, to avoid blockages and congealment we strongly recommend only using Sterizen® ‘s sanitiser.

Can Sterizen X-series dispensers be placed outside?

The dispensers can be used outside if undercover. We do not recommend that it is left directly exposed to the elements.

Can Sterizen X-series dispensers be fixed to the floor?

Yes, the dispensers can be fixed to the floor with the optional floor fixing kit.

Can I have my own branding on the dispenser?

Yes. The X-series dispensers can be branded to your specific design. There is a charge for this for orders of under 20 units. For orders of over 20 units we will custom print the units free of charge.

How will the Sterizen X-series dispensers be delivered?

All Sterizen® appliances will be delivered via the pallet network to ensure they are delivered in pristine condition. 

How easy are the Sterizen X-series dispensers to set up and install?

The dispensers take less than 10 minutes to set up:

  1. Simply bolt the baseplate to the body with the fixings provided. 
  2. If using batteries, insert the batteries. If using main power, plug the unit in.
  3. Insert the gel feed pipe(s) into the gel refill and prime the unit 10 times until the gel is flowing from the dispensers.
  4. If you are using a dip tray, place the drip tray into position.
  5. That’s it - the unit is ready for use.      

If hand sanitisation is so important, why aren't more companies offering these?

During the pandemic, hand sanitising was seen as a temporary requirement to fight Covid-19, but now it is seen as a long-term provision to promote and support wellbeing of staff and customers. Hand sanitising is part of Corporate Social Responsibility and is, therefore, a long-term requirement. As companies budget for this, permanent hand sanitising solutions like the Sterizen X-series dispensers will be seen more regularly over the coming years.

What are the benefits of a Sterizen X-series dispenser over other hand sanitising dispensers?

The Sterizen® X-series dispenser has the most stunning physical form of hand sanitiser dispenser on the market. It is designed and built in the UK from high grade stainless steel. It offers 100% touchless operations, and the large 2-litre gel capacity reduces time spent on maintenance and upkeep. The Sterizen® X-series dispenser also provides a great marketing opportunity. Usually placed in the most populated areas, the dispensers provide key marketing space for brands or messages to be seen. The dispensers have been designed to remain clean and mess-free. This encourages people to use it and it portrays your brand in a way that no other dispenser could.

What do I do if the dispenser becomes blocked?

Fill a glass with hot water, place the gel feed tube into the glass and prime the unit (see details for priming above) until the pipe has cleared.

What is the warranty period?

One year warranty when using Sterizen® branded hand sanitising gel.

What if I require bulk quantities of dispensers?

Please get in touch with us on sales@sterizen.com or 01362 695006. You can also use the live-chat function on the website.

Where are Sterizen dispensers made?

Sterizen dispensers are designed and built in the UK by Borg & Overström.

What materials are Sterizen dispensers made from?

80% of the unit is made using stainless steel. The remaining 20% is acrylic and silicon.