Ligature resistant
drinking water tap

Designed to keep people safe

The Porpoise is a ligature resistant drinking water tap for modern mental health,
custodial and vandalism-prone enviroments


  • Shallow single case design minimises the risk of misuse such as self-harm
  • Touch-sensitive control panel no buttons, no detachable small parts
  • Controlled hot and chilled water set the temperatures to suit your environment
    Solid, smooth and seamless built to last, safe to use, easy to clean
    Powered by ProCore® the compact, self-ventilating undercounter processor



Providing security and care for mental health, custodial and vandal prone environments

The Porpoise utilises Sterizen's heritage of Borg & Overstrom's 20 years of experience in manufacturing exceptional drinking water dispensers to the cruicial field of mental health. If you're looking for safety and consumer care, look no further. You can have full confidence in the expertise which made this the premium product for use in challenging enviroments.


Powered by ProCore®


Under the counter is a compact powerhouse. ProCore® is a low-maintenance next-generation water dispensing system. In addition to being energy-efficient, it's fitted with the new eco R290 refrigerant gas.


Dispense options
Chilled & Hot*
Chilled Temperature
Min 2°C/Max 11°C
ProCore dimensions

Power requirements
Hertz 50/Volts 230-240
Water system
Dry Chill®
Throughput flow rate
50 litres per hour (LPH)

Advanced Design


You'll be amazed at the ease of installation; it's a true 'plug and play' phenomenon with simple push-fit plumbing fittings and USB electrical connections. The unit's Simple-fit Vent Kit is unlike any else on the market as it eliminates the need for extractor fans: all you need is just one straightfoward cut-out.


Minimise ligature risk

  • Safe for vunrable people to use, even unsupervised. Reduced oversight means more user autonomy.

Prevent self-harm

  • Non-mechanical touch-sensitive control panel and an integral faucet meansno detachable small parts, minimising the risk of misuse such as self-harm.


Create enviroments that last

The Porpoise single-case design is robust and vandal-proof - perfect for long-term use in challenging applications.

Reduce the spread of infection

The touchpanel has an antimicrobial coating, which helps prevent bacteria buildup, while the seamless construction recuses the labour required for cleaning and maintenance.

Water temperature that suits your enviroment

  • Both hot and chilled water can be preset to the temperature that best suits your application.

Save space without compromising performance

  • Powered by ProCore®, this compact, self-ventilating undercounter processor, offers high output performance at minimal storage space.


Complete protection against germs

Totality® is our six-stage assurance that ensures all water dispensed is as safe as it is refreshing.

Save on energy bills

Our proprietary DryChill® sealed cooling system enables faster cooling and recovery times with minimal waste, while protecting against bacteria contamination.

Choose an extra layer of purity

  • Viovandt™ LED-UV filtration is a mercury-free, chemical-free, and maintenance-free water purification system that inactivates harmful microorganisms present in water.

Minimise hot tank maintenance

  • High-quality 3M Scaleguard carbon filters maximise the life of the hot tank and provide the highest level of water hygiene.


Experience high reliability

Designed and manufactured in the UK. Our commitment to nearshoring means we have a reliable supply chain and total control over product quality

Support when you need it

Our technical team are always on hand for your installation and maintenance needs and can secure next-day delivery for backup parts.


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