A philosophy for protecting our planet. 
Together, we work hard to incorporate a philosophy of healthy sustainability and stand alongside our customers in the desire for a healthier, greener way of life.

Elevated by You

Here at Sterizen®, we know that our success is linked to the relationships built around our shared concerns for global issues. Uniting in this endeavour, we aim to deliver an everlasting versatility, allowing for quick innovation to aid in any way to ensure a healthier lifestyle. 

Sterizen® Promises to Help

  • Stainless steel products manufactured with minimal plastic components
  • British design and manufacturer 
  • ISO 14001 certified company 
  • 100% recyclable packaging 


Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with our aims for the future of supplying advanced hand hygiene solutions for healthcare, retail, and commercial sectors alike. All Sterizen® products come courtesy of a 100% UK-based manufacturing at a solar-powered production plant. This allows for a much greener production cycle that results in a minimised use of plastics, making Sterizen® one of the most ecologically friendly hand sanitising businesses on the market today.  

Based in Norwich UK, our entire range is exclusively designed and manufactured by our in-house team of engineering experts, and by being a UK manufacturer, we have the agility required to adapt to any changing market needs and to meet all of our  sustainability targets. 

Used in over 600 establishments across the UK, Sterizen® is responsible for the distribution of the best hand hygiene dispensers across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, transport, pharmaceutical manufacturing and retail.

Supply Chain

We strive to counter the sustainability risks that lie in supply chains. Working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, we aim to keep our supply and distribution lines as short as possible. Sterizen makes sure that all our hand sanitiser dispensers are manufactured in the UK, reducing our carbon emissions.  


As an environmentally conscious company, we harmonise the link between quality and longevity. With an eco-design that prioritises ecological sustainability, the primary material used to build our dispensers is a highly durable stainless steel.

Our premises are fitted with solar panels and energy-efficient PIR lighting which switches off automatically when not required. No waste from our HQ goes to landfill – everything is recycled.

Environmental Packaging

Our products are shipped in sustainably sourced cardboard boxes that customers can easily recycle, and we have worked with suppliers to replace single-use containers with reusable transit crates.

Sterizen Sanitising Gel itself is supplied in recyclable PET plastic containers.