Our Manufacturing

Sterizen® is proud to be an in-house manufacturing company. We believe this grants us the versatility to manoeuvre whenever necessary and ensure we are successful in accommodating our customer's needs.

What our in-house manufacturing means for you 

Our in-house manufacturing places control in our hands allowing for a unique insight that serves our customers. Access to the production line enables not only a clear understanding of a project in its entirety, but also provides us with the ability to make changes at any stage. We are there every step of the way - a personal touch that differentiates us from our competitors. 

Being in control of our products from start to finish, we have cut out the ‘middle men’ and instead of being filtered through a range of channels, our approach is to keep things personal and precise. 

Here at Sterizen®, we know that success comes from building relationships. Being an in-house manufacturer allows us a direct form of communication with the chain of command that further serves our customers’ needs. For our customers, an in-house manufacturing process acts as a catalyst to receive quick and detailed information, communicating directly and without confusion throughout each stage of production.  

With a quick and seamless process between design, engineering, product development and production, we have both the speed and precision to make the changes to meet our customer's needs. With customisation and branding being a focal point for inquiry, we are positioned perfectly to adapt to any bespoke service a customer may desire. Our customers can contact us knowing that we will have the answers.


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