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Sterizen® aims to serve every sector by providing an insight into which product might best suits your needs.


Sterizen®’s first concern is to provide access to the best hand hygiene on the market today. Utilising our experienced research and development team, we have honed our skills to manufacture some of the most prestigious hand-washing stations for healthcare to date. 

Our research shows that the healthcare industry favours handwashing over hand sanitising, allowing for a more thorough clean. Moreover, we know that preventing and controlling infections is a primary concern within the healthcare sector. Indeed, it is paramount that all facilities accessible and available within the healthcare environment follow in reducing the risk of infection. 

Precisely aimed at reducing the risk of harbouring any harmful bacteria, Sterizen® have ensured that all products are designed with the understanding that infection control is of the utmost importance. Designed to ensure no gaps or hidden crevices are exposed where harmful bacteria can accumulate, Sterizen®’s Z-series stands as the best handwashing station on the market today that eliminates bacterial concerns, is quick and easy to clean, and can be deployed in seconds when and where you need.

Hygienic hands-free soap and water functionality, durable stainless steel construction, and a hand wash tutorial via integral LED screen, are just some of the features that make the Z-series perfect for use within the healthcare industry. A clean, efficient, and durable system that can provide superior hygiene for all hospitals and healthcare professionals. 

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Commercial and Retail

With the innovation of technological developments, the marketplace is constantly evolving to best suit and improve the fast paced lifestyle of today. Here at Sterizen® we understand that both the commercial and retail sectors require speed and finesse, the ability to provide the best products that can quickly be utilised to bring about a positive impact. 

Durability and sustainability are the focal point of all Sterizen® manufacturing. With both our hand-washing stations and hand sanitising stations built primarily with a durable stainless steel, all of our products have a quality that ensures longevity. Built to make perfection last, our in-house manufacturing process grants us a direct form of communication with the chain of command, enabling any customisation or bespoke services to be carried out in the same fast and finessed manner we know the commercial sector needs. 

Recent success has demonstrated that the newly developed X-series perfectly fits the fast paced environment of the commercial and retail sector. Built with premium aesthetics and customisable branding, the new X-series provides perfect hand hygiene while advertising your brand. Being ergonomically designed with the only dual-height hand sanitiser dispenser on the market, the X5 sanitising station, in particular, provides an all encompassing customer friendly approach to hand hygiene. Quick and easy to use, slim slick space-saving design, and trouble-free to maintain, we recommend the X-series to fulfil all the commercial and retailer needs. 

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Estate and Facilities management 

Usability, sustainability, and durability; Sterizen® has researched and designed the best hand hygiene products that deliver excellence on all three accounts. We understand that the ease of use and maintainability are the main concerns, and as such, Sterizen® makes sure that all their products have a simple and easy to use set up, with options available to make things even easier. For example, certain products (such as the Z1 handwashing station) can be customised to enable full mobility, this feature is available to help those who need to manoeuvre around the surrounding environment or even relocate.

Regarding the durability of our products, we are based in Norwich, UK, and our entire range is exclusively designed and manufactured by our in-house team of engineering experts. With the primary material being a durable stainless-steel, all of our products are built to unite longevity with perfect performance, placing good hygiene in your hands. 

Sustainability, for us, goes hand-in-hand with our aims for the future of supplying premium hand hygiene. Designed with a clean finish, this eliminates the possibility for hidden cracks or crevices. Here at Sterizen®, we believe that promoting hand hygiene means eradicating any place that dirt or harmful bacteria can accumulate. In fact, the premium aesthetic appeal of all our products simultaneously allows for a quick and easy clean, making maintenance a simple task with no fuss.  

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