Sterizen 30 Internal Water Cooler Sanitiser 1L

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Sterizen® 30 Internal Water Cooler Sanitiser is a specialist internal sanitising solution which must only be used by trained personnel.

Suitable for use in any brand of water refreshment appliance.

Gloves must be worn.

Download Safety Data sheet - GB 

Industry-leading research and development, combined with extensive testing ensures that Sterizen® 30 INTERNAL WATER COOLER SANITISER can be used effectively across all types of water cooler. This solution is designed to be used on internal machine water pathways and reservoirs to create hygienically safe drinking water appliances.

Where to use 

  • - Plumbed-in (POU) Direct Chill water coolers 
  • - Plumbed-in (POU) reservoir water coolers 
  • - Bottled water coolers 

When to use
During regular service visits, which should be at least every 6 months